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from 1 week i got this problem if i post an question, In Google search console its appear the the page is indexed but the really indexed are the tag page not the question and this is bad for the seo idk why, My website is 8 months old and it was good with the index but idk why this happen. 

Im using this Url /123/why-do-birds-sing <

please i need help because i lost traffic

Q2A version: 1.8.5

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Make sure that you dont have noindex in html tags.

Another reason which is my opinion.Writing too much tags can be reason for this.Because if  if you have many tags , that can be cause of many tags which are redirected to same page.

For example , you have a one question that is poor by content has more than 10 tags.So when you view each tag you will see this poor content.So think about 10 question with poor contents will have 10x10 =100 tags.I just gave this example because I sometimes I had faced this issue.
Thank you for your answer, So what do you advice me to do ? Should i decrease the tags or increase the questions in the tags because some tags i have only like 3 questions in one tag tag
use less tags on questions and like you said increase questions (make questions long content) and give them answers with long content too.(do not use copy contents)