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what servers do you use to run your q2a boards?

what setup is the best and how many visitors you have on it?
There is no such thing as "the best setup," as requirements vary. Unless you're experiencing specific problems I'd recommend you stick with the defaults.
specific problems like categories dont show up on the front end?
what prevent that?
values of defaults of Q2A code? setups of php? definitions of mysql?
You already asked a question about your categories problem (with little to no information that would allow anyone to debug the issue). I posted a comment there.

The rest of your questions are the opposite of "specific problem." Does something about your setup not work (other than the categories problem)? If so: what is the exact problem? Please describe (in a new question) what you expect to happen, and what actually happens.

If your question is about installing Q2A: did you follow the installation instructions (https://docs.question2answer.org/install/)? What is your operating system, webserver, and PHP version?

If you're experiencing performance problems: how do those manifest?

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i think use nginx, php-fpm server.
how many concurrent visitors do you think that that setup can handle?
It depends on how many questions you got on your website and if they appear on google search or not ... and what language are you using .