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Recently someone requested me to do an app for him using flutter but unfortunately he could not be able to pay what I was quoting for him.

I therefore published this code on Github but its private. If you want it for your site I am selling it at $ 50 which you can pay to me on my PayPal jacksiroke[at]gmail.com and thereafter email me your Github username for you to get the access to the repository.

Userful links:

  1. Github Information Page
  2. Q2A Demo site
  3. Playstore Page for App

Looking to work with you.

Work in Progress

Q2A version: 1.8.5
Very nice way to add plugin on github so that paid customers can also submit pull requests and even raise issues. Would certainly have  bought this if it was a webapp supporting Android and iphone. Being a native app - it is difficult to use for Q2A sites using a lot of plugins.
It's not difficult if you want a custom app. I made this because someone asked for it but the person went silent shortly after that. If you want a webview app that can be arranged. Problem is when people come with all manner of demands

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This is great actually.