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I'd like to develop an API for Q2A to support existing app we have, either with a private developer or through a kickstarter campaign, see link: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/47757/how-would-you-feel-about-kickstarter-q2a-plugin-development. I would be interested in hearings from users or developers what they would want include within the API.
May be stupid- but why can't a webapp be cached? I'm trying for it- shall update you.

But I know a person working on the Android app which was developed by NoahY and contributed by me. You can have a look at it- currently it works okay with minimal features and allows only username login. Requires this plugin to be installed and permission given to registered users..

Here is a bit of extra information of the Architecture, we'd like to see
2.    JSON
3.    Documented
4.    API keys public and private
5.    6.    Ideally built as a plugin to Q2A rather than modifying core code
7.    Would consider break project into phases
8.    Assistant testing the API once built
@123456789  I pm'ed you a couple of times a week ago. Did you get it?
Even I'm interested. I know a person who is developing the android app. If interested we can contact her and tell the demand.

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