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There are mobile usability issues in version 1.8.6, how can we solve it?

I edited the visual
That looks like an issue with the theme you're using (for mobile devices). Your browser's web developer tools (Ctrl+Shift+i in Firefox) should provide you with a way to display a mobile view of a page. Use that to check if something goes out of bounds.
nothing goes beyond the boundaries, just add any components to the right sidebar, these problems arise. I know it's related to the theme but I don't know the solution
For mobile view in my own theme I hid the sidebar entirely, added space around some elements and also increased the size of some elements. That's about all I can suggest knowing nothing about your site.
The problem is solved when I do what you say, but I want to continue using the sidebar and solve this problem as well. The theme I use is the snowflat.
I have the same problem, what is the solution to this?

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