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When I try to login to this forum via Facebook I get:

Question2Answer query failed:

SELECT qa_userlogins.userid, handle, email FROM qa_userlogins LEFT JOIN qa_users ON qa_userlogins.userid=qa_users.userid WHERE source=_utf8 'facebook' AND identifiermd5=UNHEX(_utf8 'edf9e5bf39380138f80b771c8dfe07d5') AND identifier=_utf8 '1205186510'

Error 1100: Table 'qa_users' was not locked with LOCK TABLES

I get the same error message when I try to login (facebook) to my freshly installed q2a

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I figured out a fix for now, since there doesn't seem to be an awnser yet.

In qa-include\qa-db-users.php go to the function qa_db_user_login_sync

Now, replace

qa_db_query_sub('LOCK TABLES ^userlogins WRITE');


qa_db_query_sub('LOCK TABLES ^userlogins WRITE, ^users WRITE, ^userpoints WRITE, ^options WRITE');
I also noticed that this site is having the same problems. Not sure why that is, development must have ceased for a bit.
Thank you :)   its working.
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Sorry about that - this was an error introduced in version 1.4.2, and has now been fixed in 1.4.3.