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Is it possible to use two cloud servers for one q2a website ?

both cloud servers located in different country

both have same specification

how to do this ?

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It's certainly possible (I outlined a basic setup in this answer to a similar question), but don't underestimate the increase in complexity.

  • By increasing the number of components you increase the chances for some component to fail (one might call it the redundancy paradox).
  • Additional network communication means an increase in potential network problems (latency, jitter, network outages, ...). It also makes debugging issues harder.
  • You will need to separate the database from the web frontends, so the database service will not be shielded from external access by making it listen on localhost only. Hence you need to secure database access.
  • The database will need to serve an additional frontend, so you need to size that server according to the additional load you expect.
  • In the example I linked the database is still a single point of failure. If you want redundancy there you'll need at least one, better two, additional database servers and set them up as database replicas.