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How to solve this ?


Question2Answer fatal error:

Could not send reset password email

Stack trace:

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2 Answers

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  1. Go Admin page
  2. add sender address and email address of admin
  3. select Send email via SMTP instead of local mail
  4. add required details, you can find this SMTP details cPanel>Email Accounts>click More  option of mail you have set as sender id in admin panel>select Configure mail client > at lower section you can find manual SMTP settings
  5. Give SMTP Server port (usually 26 or 465 for SSL mode)
  6. chose SMTP secure connection (if you above server port is two digit then chose none, or incase three digit choose SSL)
  7. Give SMTP username (exa: mail@domain.com)
  8. Give SMTP password
  9. Done

Note: You must remove all Forwards from Cpanel>Forwarders for email you have selected as sender address. Otherwise you cannot receive or send email from your email account. 

For this purpose you may test your email account by sending email from webmail (cpanel client). If you successfully sent email from your account then there is no problem ahead.



 it works fine
Am getting the exact same error, and have tried everything.  I'm using the same email settings that I use for OSX Mail.  Works fine there.  I can also send successfully from web mail.  But Q2A fails every time.  Any troubleshooting tips?
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I had the same problem for sending email from local server. On linux, I needed the sendmail package:

apt-get install sendmail