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So I setup the q2a site. First I had problems with the database. I clicked repair database. Then when I refreshed the site it showed up. When I looked into the database no users were created nor was there a super admin logged in.

Should I reinstall the site or is there a way to add a super admin afterwards?

How did this happen?
Q2A version: 1.7
Of course you should reinstall. Asking "How did this happen?" is like going to the doctor's and ask "How did I break my leg?". Only you know that.
Ok, thank you for the answer, pupi. Im sorry for the stupid question. The setup just wasn't that easy because its the first time I install q2a on a webspace, so I just wanted to check if there might be a way to fix it and avoid reinstalling.
NP. You should consider dropping the database and create it again before installing again. You don't have a community there yet so you don't actually lose anything :)

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