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I want to convert the title to slug but I don't know which slug function or mechanism is using in Q2A. 

Tell me a function to convert title to slug- Like Q2A  - 


echo $slug ;

I know slugs are not storing in the database. 

I want to use the q2a slug function mechanism to convert title to slug. 

Convert all title to slug and store in an array for using anywhere in custom page. 

Q2A version: 1.8.2
I'm not quite sure what you're trying to accomplish here. The default settings of Q2A already make the question title part of the URL.
I tell you in detail -
I will fetch questions titles and convert them into slug. I can use any slug function to convert but i want to know that how can I convert slug-like q2a  .

1. I will fetch the title
2. Convert title to slug
3. Store in array
5. I will use this array anywhere on my custom website page.
I am creating a QA forum like q2a. I will store the slug in the database. My website links are indexed in google . That's why need to title to slug and insert to database. I can copy slug from URL but it will take a lot of time. I will fetch all titles and convert them into slug then insert them by the loop in a database table. How can I convert slug-like q2a and store it in the slug column?   Any SLUG function but should be produced slug same like q2a
If I use any other slug() function, it doesn't produce the same slug-like q2a because, in q2a slug, many words hide from a slug or other things you can understand the mechanism of slug function. I want that functionality.

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