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I am wondering if one can have register or user name / email / website info as asked in Stackoverflow websites.

This will remove anonymous rab from questions and will give some charchter to questions than it just being som "anonymous" asking for it.


Or can we have plugin like that :)
@mbabug Q2A is exactly the same as Wordpress in that regard. If you want to do something custom in Wordpress you need to know PHP - it just happens that there are thousands of plugins and themes already made for Wordpress, given that it has 6 years development over Q2A, from many people.

Having said all that, it's good that you're coming up with new ideas for Q2A. Hopefully one day we'll have a solid community of plugins and themes to rival Wordpress!!
@DisgruntledGoat amen :)
:) yes I indeed hope that as well.
Isn't this already fixed in the recent version? I see the page for a new question already has a field to display a custom name for anonymous/unregistered users.

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Just answering this to say this is now in the latest version (1.6.3).