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My site's Facebook Login plugin now working properly.

01. Facebook login and logout button not clickable. Nothing happend if click on facebook login or logout button.

02. If I have already login to facebook.com, it tries to auto login and it makes my website refreshes at least 15-20 times after then it login.

But I have no problem in login or logout to http://www.question2answer.org/qa/

Any solution?

I have the same problem!
My Facebook Login still not working.

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Problem Solved!

Micangello: If you are using Share plugin then

01. Open qa-share-layer.php from Share plugin folder

02. Find #xfbml=1 and delete it.

03. Refresh your website.

Hope it work as it work in my case.

This issue is happening on the latest version 1.5 of Q2A, however this solution does not work since there is no qa-share-layer.php any longer.  This has been updated to qa-plugin/facebook-login/qa-facebook-login.php and within is the code  xfbml: true, I tried changing this to false but it then the fblogin button disappeared. I also tried to remove the tag completely but had the same result.