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First of all, hello to everyone, I've been using q2a for a long time, but every time I look to see if there is an update, I get sad that such a good software is not developing.

You should adjust such a beautiful software according to the new technology and add more features and more options.

I ask the developers to keep such beautiful software up-to-date. The updated software is always used more. By opening the developer market, you can earn money by making special add-ons, themes, and this will be an income for you.

I will also have a question, as a topic is opened on a site I use, the topic is indexed on google, when I search with the title, the topic comes up, but a few days later, the topic does not appear in google searches, what is the reason for this?

Google Search Console sitemap.xml is attached, but normally googlebot should come and check it daily, but google bot does not come at all, what is the reason for this?
Q2A version: 1.8.6
"normally googlebot should come and check it daily" => How do you know that?
Google Search Console shows when it was last seen in sitemap section

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