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Hello folks!

First of all, thank you for your fantastic work on q2a! That's really great!

What do you think about creating a Google AdSense revenue sharing function? Users could add their publisher id. The best voted answer will be rewarded with x% of the ad income of that question.


rgds, Mark
I was thinking abaut this, great and usefull idea !
The only problem I see with this is that you cannot control the ads that appear on your site. The user could set it to display inappropriate ads in their account.

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Nice. My idea for Google Adsense sharing is this: 1) Admin sets a new field in the user profile for Adsense publisher ID - user fills in the value. 2) A custom field where user can enter their desired Adsense publisher ID. (For anonymous posters) How it's implemented? If there is no Adsense publisher ID detected from logged in user or no Adsense publisher ID detected from custom field entry, then the site's (Admin) Adsense publisher ID is used. The admin would specify the type of Google Adsense ad that runs within the question page (size, colors, etc) via template (or plugin if someone devleops it) and then the Google Adsense pub ID automatically is entered based on either profile field value or custom field value.
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anyone have this Plugin?