Welcome to the Question2Answer Q&A. There's also a demo if you just want to try it out.
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Q2A needs marketplace just like wordpress , So people can list their theme / plugin , Most of the plugin & theme i found doesn't have demo , and most of the demo links are broken
I was thinking the same, Totally agreed.
If anything is broken here, you can give a PR to fix or comment here so that anyone else can fix

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The store is there, but maintenance is being carried out

You can see a copy of it before it closed via this link

Do not confuse q2amarket.com with being the official store for Question2Answer.org
There's no official Q2A Store/Market yet.

q2amarket.com just happens to share the same name as the platform. For example if there's Google.com and someone creates a site named Googletips.com , doesn't necessarily mean that's part of the official organization.

For now ppl are sending few premium items to https://github.com/q2a/q2a.github.io as pull requests and labeling them as [Paid] . Which then will be outputted to - https://docs.question2answer.org/addons/
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Hello everyone,

I would take a moment to apologize to everyone interested and believing in Q2A Market. Life for the past couple of years was alarming, and I also had to deal with much more things,

But time teaches us many things and allows us to think beyond day-to-day life. So while working on re-structuring and re-designing the Q2A Market, I have decided not to limit the Q2A Market to me but open up the platform and its customer base for all the developers interested in developing and selling their products on the most loved Question2Answer marketplace. It will surely help the Q2A developer community grow and generate revenue for their skill and effort.

I am in the phase of finalizing a few aspects. Meantime, interested developers, please contact me on PM so I can consider the numbers.

For any query, feel free to PM me or subscribe to the notifying list on the Q2A Market website.