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   I have integrated Facebook with my Q&a website in this URL: http://www.audiorecording.me/music-production-help/

   However If i try to login using Facebook, it will result to a blank page (white page)? I have tried adjusting my facebook app settings as well as htaccess but to no avail.

  Any ideas how to deal with this? I search for related question in this site but nothing came as a solution. Thank you.
what seems strange is that after I entirely clear the cache and history of the browser- things going back to normal. Although is still not logged in through Facebook.
Even I faced the same problem?
I have solved the problem by creating an independent MySQL database just for Q&A. Before I integrate it with Wordpress and I get the problem above. Of course to create an independent database I reinstall it again (back from scratch and re-configuring the settings to work with that database). I hope this helps.
thats is not a solution as then issue will come for all the existing questions which you will loose. other challenge will be lack of integration
I agree. But I am just lucky that I only have test questions on my site at this time (just installed Q&A software). No real questions yet, so re- installation works.