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Now that 1.5 is here(ish), it's time for the scary part... finding out what is broken with our themes and plugins, figuring out how to transfer our core hacks to the new version, etc.

So, seems proper to create a thread for problems with specific plugins.  Gideon already promised to try to be as backward compatible as possible; I've got 1.5 beta working now, and copied over the badge plugin - so far so good, the badge widget shows up fine, admin/plugins works, manual badge reawarding works... still have to test automatic badge awarding, but everything looks great - thanks again, Gideon :)

Plugins that I won't be updating:

  • close question plugin
  • comment collapse plugin
  • ajax comment plugin
  • bookmark plugin

may be others, will have to see one by one how they work with the new code.  But this would be a good place to help find answers to the question of which plugins are incompatible.


Q2A version: 1.5b
AFAIK, here are the main things in plugins that could break in Q2A 1.5:

1. Trying to access the database from qa-plugin.php. If you need to do this early on during Q2A's processing, consider using a process module.

2. Calling any of the Q2A core functions which are not backwards compatible - see the list on: http://www.question2answer.org/versions.php

3. An editor module which only updates the text field contents when the full web page is POSTed - this doesn't happen with Ajax answer submission. Instead, you can provide a Javascript to run before submission in an update_script(...) method - see qa-wysiwyg-editor.php for an example.
Thanks for the info.

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Hi NoahY! I could not find a smiley!

okay, I've fixed this - it now shows in the markdown toolbar again.  It still won't show in the initial answer, since it looks like the ajax submission isn't letting plugins do their thing... not sure about that though, have to ask Gideon.  Once you reload the page, though, the smilies show up.
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User badges pages error!

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Polls page too