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I am using your script, but facebook commect not working from last 15 day.

Give me any solution.



Someone should create a Janrain Engage plugin:


that's what I use with Wordpress...

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Facebook changed some things.

They have a new sdk which the script needs to connect.

To resolve the problem:

a) Your server should run php 5.x - otherwise it will not work.

b) Download q2a Version 1.5 and copy the folder .../qa-plugin/facebook-login

to Your actual plugin folder. Make acopy of Your old login-folder first.


Thats all, it should work again without problems.
OK did that but it is still spitting errors when you click to log in.. the FB login comes in a pop up but it says:
API Error Code: 191
API Error Description: The specified URL is not owned by the application
Error Message: Invalid redirect_uri: Given URL is not allowed by the Application configuration.

I find that app page @ FB very confusing as to what I need to do there
It is highly probable that You did not or did not fill out well the facebook app settings. This kind of error occurs if one sets up www.yourdomain.com as app url instead of just yourdomain.com . www is already a subdomain.

You could play arounf with that on the fab developers app page.

Here is athreat where people had been discussing that same thing:

GRAND APPLAUSE! that was the ticket.. the APP DOMAIN needs to just be mysite.com woohoo it works!
Thanks. its working perfect.
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not working on 1.4. Even 1.5 beta 1, asked to login with but can not get login after show facebook login popup.
Same here.. it was working now like Minn says, the popup comes to log in, enter FB email & pass, the popup closes, Q2A oage refreshes and it is not logged in
I run 1.5beta1 and have noticed the same issue at my site http://www.vilkenapp.se/ , when using Firefox as browser. If I do a manual reload (cmd/ctrl+r) in Firefox, it shows me as logged in.
(I also had this issue when running 1.4.3 with fb-login plugin from 1.5beta1)

However, when I use Google Chrome the fb-login works as it should, then my site displays logged in directly after the fb-login popup disappears.
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From some time, facebook apps not working whit non ssl sites. It should not work from last year, but worked still. But few days ago, all aplications on non ssl sites are down.

  • you can try free hosting visible on aplication creator
  • you must have ssl site (https instead of http)