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I'd like to insert text right before the "ask the question" submit button and below the "email me" button so that I can ensure that users agree to the site's terms of use. It should say something like "by submitting this post, you agree to the site's terms of use (hyperlink to TOU.) The same text should appear (and actually be a physical checkbox) in the registration area for registering a user. I think this is imperative and extremely important to include.

Right now I'm trying to understand the back end. Lately I've been doing much more front end html/css template based work and reading through PHP code as to how pages are generated is extremely difficult and there is a high learning curve to doing simple things like this. Hopefully in time I'll become more familiar and upload this quickly.
Q2A version: 1.5b2

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I solved this in a bit different way. Changed three things:

1) Add a custom page with your terms of use.

2) Admin -> Users -> Custom message in registry form  - here add registration info and link to the terms

3) <your language folder>/qa-lang-users.php/register_button = "I accept the terms, register me"
Thanks - I did it a little differently - I placed the "I accept" and link to my TOU in a little convenient option that adds html to the top of a user post.

However, this is not an acceptable solution. Terms of use MUST be accepted actively, e.g. user must physically check a box or make a selection to agree to the terms of use. If this does not exist, there will be a debate about whether the user has actually agreed to all the TOU on your site.

I think that "integration" means that users can be registered in a wordpress database and are synced to q2a? If so, at least for my sites, I can send them to WP to register and accept the TOU and then the user can navigate back to Q2A. Certainly not ideal but it works.
hi can any body explain the same in details. so that i can use "I accept the terms & condition" on register form. i have already created a page with "terms of use" name.
i really need it.