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What if I want a submit button and not wait until the user finds out that he needs to push "ENTER"? I guess that was the actual question.
Q2A version: 1.5

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In this case you would have to make your own version of the ask box widget, with the additional button that you want.
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Thank you, got it. Great work btw.

Changed this in qa-widget-ask-box.php

<INPUT NAME="title" TYPE="text" CLASS="qa-form-tall-text" STYLE="width:85%;">&nbsp;<INPUT CLASS="qa-form-tall-button qa-form-tall-button-ask"" TYPE="submit" value="Ask">

Much better!
Thank you for sharing, that worked great, exactly what I needed.
<INPUT CLASS="qa-form-tall-button qa-form-tall-button-ask" TYPE="submit" value="Ask"> is better
But follow the indication of gidgreen, or next update you will lost it.