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I am translating Q&A into French.

When i click (top right links) on "My Updates" i get 3 options among which :

  • "all my updates"
  • "my content"

Ii least i don't see any difference (with my activity as it is ...).

I need to better understand the difference between these .
Can you clarify ? thanks

Q2A version: Question2Answer version: 1.5 Build date: 2012-01-18
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There are two reasons why something could appear in 'My Updates':

1. It is related to a question, user, tag or category the user favorited.

2. Is is related to some content the user posted (e.g. an answer to their question).

'My favorites' shows updates of type 1 only. 'My content' shows updates of type 2 only. 'All my updates' shows both types.
Bringing it up again: I think this "system" is not easy to understand. We would need a simpler solution: E.g. *one* page with new activities. And one page with all activities.

Now I'm using the plugins user-activity-plus and history to overcome this...

My suggestion: We should ask the users if they really use these features (do they really check "my updates' and "my content" and "my favorites" regularly?). Maybe check the server logs. Or do a survey at e.g. http://polldaddy.com/ to find out.

A system that is simple to understand will always be used longer, more intense and with more fun :)
I agree that this is not intuitive for users - they would never know this distinction unless a developer who knows the behind-the-scene workings explained it to them.