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I set up the mobile theme of NoahY but the standard theme is showing up.

My question: (How) Is theme switching working in q2a 1.5?

Or do I need this plugin?

PS: Maybe someone else can test the site with his smartphone, and tell me if it is working for him?

Update 2012-03-16: Tested with another phone, theme is working!

@q2apro you can close this question right? Or is there anything required here?

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The test is done in the qa_is_mobile_probably(...) function in qa-base.php. By necessity the logic is messy so perhaps your friend's smartphone fell through the cracks. You can happily override this function in a plugin.

thanks for your reply!
The new version of the theme-switcher doesn't have mobile theme switching, it allows users to choose their own theme from installed themes via their profile page.