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Guys I guess I found THE solution for image upload.

It's a solution the website postimage.org offers.

Go to:

1. http://postimage.org/

2. add image hosting to your forum

3. Select your language

4. Select software, choose phpbb3.

5. Put the addform.html in root folder

After that, you will need to edit addform.html file a bit

Change this line:

    var area_e=opener.document.getElementsByTagName('TEXTAREA');


    var area_e=opener.document.getElementId('a_content');

After this, you will need to add this link:

<br />&nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;<a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="window.open('http://www.postimage.org/index.php?mode=phpbb&lang=english&forumurl=' + escape(document.location.href), '_imagehost', 'resizable=yes,width=500,height=400');return false;">Add image to post</a>

Somewhere near your editor.

I still haven't figured out where, neither tested the tutorial abovem but you get the idea.

I will keep this topic updated when I'm totally done implementing this.

Something yet needs to be done: q2a recognizing img and link elements and allowing them to show up as a linked image.




This sounds promising. I will check it out.
Excellent for users who dont want to host images themselfes.
So cool, I will try it.

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This looks promising. Please keep us updated. Only problem I forsee is that postimage is storing your images. Not necessarily a good idea. Would rather store the images somewhere else and not rely on postimage.
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How about this one guys:


Image upload + resizing ... on your own server. So you can get rid of postimage.org.

I'll get back to this when I have time.

I think I can pull it of, will then release it as a plugin for the community.

Would be very nice to share with us the steps to incorporate this solution to q2a script.