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There is  a way to block the vote of a question on the home page?

I do not want that some users goes to vote to all questions qithout reading or at least opening the question.

Now is possible to vote all without problem

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Yes, go to admin menu/viewing, check the fifth option "allow voting on questions", after that check the following option which appears "allow voting on question page only."
i've not seen and i've immediatly applied.
Thank you
Excuse me
i've seen that now i can not see the vote on the question
in this way is not usefull for users that do not  know the votes.
there is a solution for it?
Yes You can, open in the qa-theme folder Your qa-styles file and add
the nested class
.qa-q-list-item .qa-vote-buttons {display:none;}

This way the votebuttons on question list pages are not longer visible but the user still sees the voting number.
You are a Master.
re Thankyou
resorry :-(
Now the users ask me how they can see what are the questions that they have not read!
First it were differents because they see the vote if there is or not and now they do not see nothing.
Do you know a solution also for this?
The questions are not visible ?

If You put exactly that into Your css file that shouldnt happen

.qa-q-list-item .qa-vote-buttons {display:none;}

If You put

.qa-q-list-item {display:none;}

Then the questions are not visible.

Make sure that You have set well thepoint . and not coma ,

Or You set somethin wrong in admin menu
Questions are visibles but the users does not recognize the voted from not voted.
Actually they can not vote on the page but only opening the question and so they are not able to understand what they have read and voted and what not.
I hope to have explained better now.
then I have no solution.

You can either throug admin turn off voting on lists and votebox disappears or You can add the css class and vote buttons on lists disappear.

What You want is that they cant vote on list pages only on single question page, but that they can see the votes on lists ?

To have that You would have to turn off the voting functionality on lists through an plugin or advanced theme where You change some functions.

But I dont know how to to that.

Besides, I think if You show the buttons but they cant be clicked that would be kind of user unfriendly...
Really thanks for support.
Sorry that is not possible to have this effect.
Is strange that no one has thought to this.
Thank you newly for all
No problem, and it is possible to have that effect, but I dont know how to manipulate the click behaviour. I as well need that, because I want not registered users when clicking on voting , redirect directly to the register page instead of showing a error message.

If You have more questions just ask.
Thank you i hope to receive the solution about my question.
Now for the users is impossible to know if they have yet voted or not without opening the question because the vote icons are not active.
When a user vote there are not two icons but only one ant it can be enough to see if he has voted but a lot of users asking to see the question on bold or to can have a list of questions not voted and so not read.
I do not know if is more simple to have bold font on question not voted or to have a list but if there were one of two solutions i'd be happy