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In all the admin options I could not find a way to hide "edit by ..."

Do I miss something or do I need to hack the core?
Q2A version: 1.5.1
Should be able to override functions in an advanced theme.
Can I really override function qa_post_html_defaults() from qa-app-options.php? Instead I edited the file directly.

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Update q2a v1.7: 

Go to /admin/viewing and disable "Show edits/updates in post meta:"



In qa-includes/qa-app-format.php I found the lines for that starting from comment "Updated when and by whom".

There is a toggle: @$options['updateview'] which I found defined in qa-app-options.php line 536: 'updateview' => true,

I changed it to 'updateview' => false,
and it seems to work.

No edit-/tag-updates visibile anymore!

Genius! Works perfect thanks just what i was looking for
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