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Have security threats like SQL injection and any others taken care of in this script ?

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Yes, absolutely. All SQL parameters are escaped, and all HTML is also escaped to prevent XSS (cross-site scripting).
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i asked the above question, i hope you can see my, Username, when an admin signs in and clicks 'edit profile' button on my user page, he ll get an error User Not Found, because of the nature of characters i have used in my username.
I have some editions to CSS and some code to allow some specific characters in the username at registration page, how do i keep track of those changes in the new release :s ??? and will the upgrade be smooth , like it wont disturb my earlier installation ?
Theres one more thing: sometimes the sites response is slow, and it happened twice that i posted a question but it didnt appear on the site, no error.
The problem of special characters in the username will be fixed in beta 2, to be released within a few days.

To keep track of your changes in the new release, I recommend first doing a multi-file diff/comparison between your code and the original beta 1 code to see exactly what those changes are. Then you can take note and easily apply them again to beta 2.

As for posting but it not appearing on the site, if you're talking about *this* site, it's probably because we hide questions that don't appear relevant.