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Q2A needs to have a link/button on every page that would allow users to manually switch between mobile theme and full site theme. This would be useful for viewing full site theme on devices like tablets which are auto-detected as mobile, and viewing mobile theme if device is not correctly detected as mobile.

This could be done with a cookie that is checked by qa_is_mobile_probably()

Has anybody already done this?

Any feedback is welcome.
Q2A version: 1.5

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I think markus this type of features not yet but if you think about to develop a plugin your welcome.
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instal Theme Switcher Plugin by NoahY. find which link is sent to change the theme to mobile theme. a simple is here: http://cmsbox.jp/qa/ , http://cmsbox.jp/qa/?&qa_lang=ja&qa_theme=Candy or http://cmsbox.jp/qa/?&qa_lang=ja&qa_theme=cmsbox

And how to implement these theme switcher to footer or navigation bar?
link to address with new parameters:
mobile_theme is the name of your mobile theme.
It doesn't work... You can check my site: http://vprasanjainodgovori.si/ (slovene language). I have also Theme switcher enabled.. And my URL structure is:   /123/why-do-birds-sing (requires .htaccess).. I just want to create in footer link, that anyone can switch to mobile or desktop version. Try Candy theme and now default is Snow...