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I've actually been using this on my site for a long time, but yerbol's post reminded me so I'm announcing it here. I took out the site-specific stuff and put it on Github here: https://github.com/svivian/q2a-chat-room

It's a pretty simple system - posted messages are stored in the database and the chat page shows the latest 80 messages. It polls for new messages automatically every 8 seconds.

Known issues

  • There is no customisation yet for things like polling frequency, number of messages displayed, nor idle time.
  • Messages are not deleted automtically. This means if you don't manually delete them from the database, the table will eventually get quite large (will take a while to get there, though).
  • Users must be registered and have their email confirmed to post (see the user_perms_post() fuinction to change this).
  • There is no spam control yet (besides banning users from the site entirely).

I am going to add options for all of the above, though.

Anyway, let me know what you think!

If a file doesn't exist then require_once causes a fatal error. But from jaipster's description the initial chat page is loading...

As for compatibility, you can use the old path for now until most users have upgraded to 1.7. Or set the min q2a version to 1.7 for the latest version (and link to the old version for 1.6).

@jaipster if you are still having issues please try the 1.6 version from here: https://github.com/svivian/q2a-chat-room/releases
I installed this plugin as you said
posted messages are stored in the database and the chat page shows the latest 80 messages.
Msgs are stoted in db but chat page is not shown at all i can not see chat list
Can anyone help what can be reason?
hy ..do you want update this plugin? i like to have edit post in chat, option to remove chat messags, or a specific post id, and pagination for history chat post, or infinite scroll ... and smilies :D
how can disable email confirmation for chat?

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Thank you! This plugin really works! I'll look forward to updates!
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to make it more visual:



Even if I am not a fan of online chats (because of abuse), thanks Scott!

PS: Would be nice to get some more arguments why to use a chat :)


Thanks for posting the screenshot. However, I would prefer that people don't register for my site just to spam the chat room.
true :) good you removed that.
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I am using latest version of q&a ( 1.5.3)

but receiving the same 'there was a server error'...

yes, this because of the same code error:

' "Fatal error:  Call to undefined function  qa_block_words_replace() in /home/backlogs/question/qa-plugin/chat/qa-chat.php on line 332".'

now how could i solve it?

OK I just made a change that should fix this: https://github.com/svivian/q2a-chat-room

Or you can simply add this line before the call to qa_block_words_replace:
require_once QA_INCLUDE_DIR.'qa-util-string.php';
Excellent! problem solved!
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I installed the plugin. It is working fine (1.6.3). Great work. Thank You.
Totally agree, the chat plugin and the edit history plugin, both are Scott's best q2a plugins!
My theme makes Widget Every Where not to work and now I have no Advert placement for the Chat Room page. I need help with adding the ad code directly to the plugin files if possible. It will be a responsive Adsense ad. I have done thing on the question page but have no success modifying the plugin's files. Thanks