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I have a Question2Answer installed for some weeks on my server in subfolder and configured nice urls. And it worked ok. Until today. I didnt change anything but Q2A stopped working. The main site of Q2A loads fine but anything i click (including admin login) tells me that 404 error occured. How can i access at least admin panel to disable and reenable nice urls to check if it helps?


Edit: it occured that the update of Apache broke the htaccess, i needed to specify the base parameter properly to the subdirectory and it works now. thx.
Did you modified database or .htacces?

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maybe your host change configuration. if by replacing .htaccess you couldn't fix this follow this steps to go back to default permalinks structure:

1. go to: yoursite.com/index.php?qa=login , fill the login form and login as admin, then

2.go to: yoursite.com/index.php?qa=admin&qa_1=general

3. set URL structure to last option(/index.php?qa=123&qa_1=why-do-birds-sing).

4. save