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I found this:


But apparently it isn't compatible with the current version (and the explanation isn't very clear to me as a new user).  

Is there a way to do this with 1.5.3?




Q2A version: 1.5.3

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OK, I've answerd my own question by writing a patch.  Here it is:


Now you can add a simple plain-text file with your tags and have them come-up when a user is asking a new question.

Being that I am new to the Question2Answer codebase I am not sure if I missed anything important.  It'd be great if someone with more familiarity with the code could take a look at what I've done and comment.  In particular, I am not sure when and where qa-page-question-post.php is used and don't know if I've fully tested it.



Your software works!
Tags are displayed in capitals, yes capital in tags box hints as well.
Thanks for the feedback. Just updated GitHub with this modification.
This file is no longer available at the link above.
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There is a much easier way to do this. Just fill in the words directly into the table qa_words and set two values to 1!


INSERT IGNORE INTO qa_words SET word='zypern', titlecount=0,contentcount=0,tagwordcount=1,tagcount=1;

The word has to be in lowercase then everything works fine. I filled about 4.800 words into the database!
I believe this will get undone if you run the db clean up operations found at Admin -> Stats.