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Can't seem to get it to work.


- I have a site on tomcat server

- I have wordpress installed under a folder under 'public_html'

- wordpress url looks like this -->  "blog.mysite.com"


I am wondering which installation choice (under wordpress at this page http://question2answer.org/wordpress.php ) is best with the setup I have....  aka should I choose mysite.com/qa or qa.mysite.com ? where to move the files to, etc. Thanks

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To simplify it.

If your QA script (containing all q2a files) under wordpress site (blog.mysite.com/qa)

This means your qa script directory should be at the same location where wp-config.php file is.

than simply follow 1,2,3 and in 4th step


Than 5th point 1 and 6th point 1