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Under >Admin >Pages I have added an external link that appears in my navigation bar.

However, this link should be displayed differently for mobile devices (where I use a mobile theme).

This is why I have to add the link by advanced theme - I guess.

How do I do it?



Examining function nav() and nav_list() I don't see how I can add the navigation[] item by advanced theme.

Q2A version: 1.5.4

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You can set two different layouts for desktop and mobile visitors.
I know, I am using two themes, but how to change the link. Or add it for one theme but not the other.
Use the command display:none in whichever layout you don't want it to appear.
Thanks for the hint! ... Alright, workaround is: Add two links to the nav bar. Hide link 1 in theme1, hide link 2 in theme 2. That works.