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i want a way to blocking words like help, please, ect in question title

Q2A version: 1.5.2

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You will need to create a filter plugin. See http://question2answer.org/modules.php?module=filter

Use the filter_question function and check $question['title'] to see if it has those words in. If it does, you can do one of these:

1. Set it for moderation using $question['queued']=true;

2. Return a string containing the error, e.g. return 'Question cannot contain the word help';

3. Just remove the word from the title.

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 Scot thanks, is this ok so,

function filter_question( &$question, &$errors, $oldquestion ) 
    if ( strpos($question['title'], 'help') !== false ) 
    $question['queued'] = true; 
Looks fine to me. Why don't you try it and see?