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I need to edit the "send feedback site".

In Germany you have to leave the adresse and phone number of the website owner on the website. I want to use the "send feedback site" for that, but i dont know how to edit it right.

Instead of the feedback formular the only thing standing their should be my adress.

Can anyone help me with that ?

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Hope I have understood you question properly!

1. Go to admin, and then to emails section. Disable the "Provide a form for users to send me feedback" option, so that the feed back form is not shown.
2. Go to admin and then to pages. Click on "Add Page". Enter the "Name of page (also used for tab or link):" as Feedback or Contact. In the text area (Content to display in page (HTML allowed): ) Enter your address, phone number, etc, and again click on Add Page.

You are done. The default feedback form has been disabled, and when somebody clicks on Feedback / Contact (page), he / she will see your contact address.

Hope this is what you wanted.
Step 1 was no problem

Step 2 i cant find "pages" neither "add pages" in the admin panel :/
Are you using Version 1.2.1? If not please upgrade