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I translate the english files to a german version, but now I have problems with special german letters ...like ä ..ü ..ö ...ß
These letters appears as a questionmark with a black backgroumd.
I think its a charset problem.
I tried to change the head informations but without success.
Maybe someone can help me!
Greetings Martin
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what if these letters appears as a questionmark cameout with one or two letters of the username? Any idea?
I'm afraid I don't understand your question - can you try explaining again or including an example?
?r. bla bla
? = M
but in other language other than English.
Can you point me to the site where this is showing up, so I can see it in context?

its this symbol comes up, working in local server.
It's likely to be a text encoding issue. Maybe your web server is configured to add a default character set to pages it serves, and this is overriding the UTF-8 encoding that Question2Answer is setting. But without seeing the live example, I can't be sure.
It's not the way you think. I told you I were working in local server. And I am not comfortable much to install the script or use it right now in an original site which servers users because I am not relaxed with the kind of licence that this script held right now for the reason it has some limitation. And untill this limitation solved I can't use it or localize it  or hire someone to modify it till it becomes completely free (especially the powered by link, cause thats the way it should be in free source programs) or mabey completely commercial as your wishing look like. And till that time I am not sure if I will buy different script or hire someone to program me a new tailored one.
I hope that doesn't annoy any one.
Of course I understand, and this is your decision. My reason for requiring the link is that this will help spread the word about the product, which I feel is important at this early stage. It may change in future.
Your last comment sound reasonable to me.
Wish this script good luck, and I ll keep noticing and follow up its news.

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I've now added a detailed guide to translating Question2Answer on the main site:

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The entire Question2Answer engine runs using UTF-8 encoding (This is a way to encode Unicode while remaining backwards compatible with ASCII.)

To solve the problem, make sure you are opening and editing the PHP files using UTF-8 encoding in your text editor.
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thanks, I will try
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Edit: Okay - the problem occurs only if I use rewriting of IIS 7.5. Is there a bug in the rewriting-module?

Does anybody have a fix?


I have the same problem and no solution. Let's say I have a tag named

"körper". When I try to select all questions for this tag there is no result (can't find questions) and the file is displayed like this

"All questions for k?rper"

What can I do? I use the language translation files by Moritz Bunkus