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When a person edits a post, confusion might arise (especially if he edits a question that already got an answer). In StackExchange, there's an 'edit history', can something like this be made in Q2A?
gud idea... hope we will have one day..

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You can use Edit History plugin.

Excellent! Just what I needed! Just 2 notes : (1) It links to "/revisions/..." but my website uses "/?qa=revisions/...", I was able to adapt the code myself for this (2) The link is on the time part, eg. "2 minutes ago" but I would prefer if it were on the "edited" part. How would I do this? What do I assign instead of "$post['when_2']['data'] " in "qa-edh-layer.php"?
I found out how to do it, just copied the post_meta() function from 'qa-theme-base.php' into 'qa-edh-layer.php' and adapted it myself.
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If you want that, you must know localStorage with HTML5. You can find it in google. Stackoverflow, Stackexchange is using it.
Is this necessary though? Couldn't a table be made in the database that stores versions of each edited post?