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Here's a potential XML-RPC server plugin for Q2A; right now it only has one available call, q2a.getQuestions, but by providing the right data, it so far allows voting, asking questions and posting answers and comments.

It's designed to work with my new Android App:

which seems to work with the plugin, so far.  The plugin is here:


and the app is here:


but the source for the app depends on ActionBarSherlock and SlidingMenu:



so you can download a premade APK here if you like:


Let me know how it works.

UPDATE: 0.9.1 all functions fixed and working.

Q2A version: 1.6
Hi NoahY. Thanks for your app. I just managed to compile it and add MathJax support. I had to do some minor changes in the plugin also to make it work with version 1.7. Is there a way I can upload the updated plugin?

You can make a github repository for your updated app and then you can tell Gideon (creator of Q2A) to add this apps link addons page. To tell Gideon use feedback page.
After all of this create a new question to tell everyone about the new app and giving the link in that for both playstore and github.
okay. Thank you :)
Where to add website URL ????
i am new to android
i successfully imported in eclips
but where to change website URL of my own website

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Possible issue related to wrongly escaped string using raw mysql_real_escape (), while the proper framework function qa_db_escape_string() should be used.

Pull request been proposed: