Welcome to the Question2Answer Q&A. There's also a demo if you just want to try it out.
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Updates: Added 17 video tutorials for theme guide checkout all

  1. http://tv.q2amarket.com/max-control-theme/1-max-control-installation/
  2. http://tv.q2amarket.com/max-control-theme/2-max-control-body-and-language-options/
  3. http://tv.q2amarket.com/max-control-theme/3-max-control-link-heading-and-other-options/
  4. http://tv.q2amarket.com/max-control-theme/4-max-control-header-options/
  5. http://tv.q2amarket.com/max-control-theme/5-max-control-main-navigation-options/
  6. http://tv.q2amarket.com/max-control-theme/6-max-control-sub-navigation-options/
  7. http://tv.q2amarket.com/max-control-theme/7-max-control-layout-options/
  8. http://tv.q2amarket.com/max-control-theme/8-max-control-question-list-options/
  9. http://tv.q2amarket.com/max-control-theme/9-max-control-sidebar-and-widget-options/
  10. http://tv.q2amarket.com/max-control-theme/10-max-control-vote-answer-and-view-counters-options/
  11. http://tv.q2amarket.com/max-control-theme/11-max-control-tags-users-and-categories/
  12. http://tv.q2amarket.com/max-control-theme/12-max-control-question-page-options/
  13. http://tv.q2amarket.com/max-control-theme/13-max-control-footer-and-social-options/
  14. http://tv.q2amarket.com/max-control-theme/14-max-control-input-and-buttons-options/
  15. http://tv.q2amarket.com/max-control-theme/15-max-control-loginbox-and-serachbox-options/
  16. http://tv.q2amarket.com/max-control-theme/16-max-control-rounded-corners-options/
  17. http://tv.q2amarket.com/max-control-theme/17-max-control-custom-css/

Uniqueness is one of the major principle of Q2A Market and continuing developing stuffs with this principle Q2A Market is launching soon one and only simple yet highly dynamic and the most flexible theme soon.

Look some screenshot below

Max Control - High Dynamic Yet Simple Theme (v1.6 Ready)

Max Control theme design for flexibility which allows user to customize them the way they want without touching any single line of code. 186 Options allows you to customize almost every aspect of Q2A site design elements and good thing is you do not required any coding experience.

Highly dynamic user interface design allows  you to set color and values from Color Picker and Slider Controllers. Theme design with two different layouts 1. Masonry and 2. List ( traditional ) which you can switch as per your choice and both layout are fully Responsive and work with almost every types of device with Cross Browsing compatibilty.


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Main Features

  • Masonry Layout
  • List Layout
  • Responsive Design
  • 186 options
  • LTR and RTL Language Compatible
  • Slick Look
  • Separate Language File
  • Custom CSS

Customizable Features

  • Layout Type
  • Body
  • Header
  • Main Nav
  • Sub Nav
  • All Nav Items
  • Nav Placement
  • Icon Background
  • Question Items
  • Tags
  • Category Items
  • Counters
  • Sidebar
  • Widgets
  • User Bar and Search Bar
  • Question Excerpt
  • Question Page
  • Question Highlight
  • Selected Answer
  • Answer List
  • Action Icons
  • Footer
  • Custom CSS
  • and many more options...

Above points are just a hint and there are tons of things you can set with theme which is hard to describe here.

Some Screenshots





Masonry Layout Screenshot


EDIT: New Featured Added - JoyRide

Now Max Control have one more feature with Xurb JoyRide.

Hi, I bought your theme and applied. I don't see uploaded image in the questions list. Can you suggest what to do?
This problem there on q2amarket demo site as well. But I can see images for some questions.

On demo site I removed most question images.

Also in questiononly text will appear and not anything else.

If you have any issue by uploading image to the question. Which is not them related bug but please PM me your site url and let me see if there is a theme specific issue.
I see now what you are talking about is a advert between question list. That is a different plugin. You need to use Simple Advert Plugin. It is free just download from our store and set with the similar width. here is the link http://store.q2amarket.com/store/products/q2am-simple-advert/
Hi, Thanks for your reply. What I was looking for is - suppose if user upload (or add) an image with a question, then I would like display the image in the questions list.

I guess it isn't part of Theme but do you have any suggestions to make this change? Thanks.
That require some custom development

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Shit! This is really good!

I want it!

Can we try demo ?
Yeah! Currently busy with creating installation and usage videos and demo site. Will ready in next few days.
where its ??
I cant download or buy  from any links
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Excellent !!

From user(me) poor at design:

The color / layout arrangement is the difficult work which requires time. The function which import & export contents of options table is required. If bundled with layout patterns, such as blue, orange, red, green, user's change work will be reduced.
It seems that Gid equipped file upload feature for plugin to Q2A latest version. 
Real motive of this theme is to provide end user total control over look and feel and some layout options. In fact this is one time effort and not every day user going to change.
However I may provide some different color scheme value so if user like they can set same.