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I purchased Max Control Theme, installed and the layout came like this.

How do I fix it so it became like the demo on the market? The space for questions had srhinked!

Q2A version: 1.5.4

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This is nothing to worry and just because I believe you have only one question. So the question item align in center. As soon as you will start to add more question it will float. Also post your site url if you think it is different issue.
Only now that I realized that the answers are showed in rectangles. I thought it was the same as the elegent theme. :-(
No problem!.. and feel free to post your issue on product page anytime.. Enjoy the Max Control Theme..
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I just purchased also. Version 1.5.4. and i have 400 questions and same problem... just the 1st question showing others are not.

EDIT: probably just a version problem... i will update to 1.6.2. BETA ASAP so i can use the theme.
No that should not be the issue. When you download you should get two version for the theme in zip format. So you have to use for respective version. If you have any issue please post on product page or place your site url to check.