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i everyone, i have a request.

Spammers attacs so  bad you know, especially when new users are registrating. Spamers stops by system protection based on questions, while registration stage. I mean that along with recapttha  there is in registring  form some questions, which you add  yorself. Expirience shows that this  one is very effective against spammers,so I am sure that if there could be such protection stage, than CMS question 2 answer could became very popular. So many admins refuse it,, forced to use some other protection ways, because of  spammers attack while registring. So, I am calling for developers-please make  question p-lugin for registration  form. Can you please say when it  will be possible?

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It is possible in Q2A 1.6. Add some user fields in the 'Users' tab of the admin panel, and select to show it on the registration form. You can combine this with new user moderation to get the effect you want.
Yes, registration spam doesn't come to our site.
Hi gidgreen! I could do the first part of your suggestion, but couldn't get the second part i.e: "You can combine this with new user moderation to get the effect you want."

Can you clear a bit what you mean here, as I need to protect my registration form with a custom question?
In the 'Spam' section of the admin panel you can enable moderation of new users, and this will create a new admin section for user approvals. There you will see the information they entered in the registration page.