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Today I have had a tough time with custom pages and forms, design and code. Maybe this happened because it was the first time indecision

The result: http://www.gute-mathe-fragen.de/bestusers


  1. Don't know how to put the button to the right of the dropdown box (how can I pass css style information in fields?)
  2. How can I select the chosen month... i.e. how can I pass a "selected" within the fields>request>'options' => $dropdown_options,
  3. I try to make it multilingual by using a language.php, however reading the values from their is not parsing the special characters correctly (encoding problem). How to do it right? → solved: change file encoding to UTF-8 without BOM

Any help appreciated. And thanks for your suggestions.


Update: I tried to solve n°1 (removing the button), and using javascript (onchange event) to submit the chosen month. However, as the recent month is always showing up when reloaded/submitted - you cannot "jump back" to the latest month (is not triggering onchange anymore). We need to solve n°2 for that!

Update 2: Workaround to insert a select for the recent month in the dropdown option list using jquery:

$(document).ready(function(){  $("select#dropdown_select").val('2012-05-01') }); 


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