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I checked some q2a sites from the directory. When I surfed to http://mathhomeworkanswers.org (which seems to be the most famous site, #1) I got Avast Antivirus telling me "Trojan horse blocked" with these details:

URL:    http://mathhomeworkanswers.org/61913/wha...

Process:    C:\Users\AppData\Local\G...

Infection:    JS:Iframe-CSU [Trj]


Can somebody confirm? And is this a false positive? Or did somebody hack this site?

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I am the owner of the site. I am not aware of any infections but I will take a look into this. Thanks.
Rest assured we will be scanning the site for any problems and correcting anything out of the ordinary promptly.
As you see it must be an iframe.

Note: I could also see some javascript code on top of your page, something with the facebook login.
Server scans have come up clean. Facebook plugin corrected. Everything seems to be working well.