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Each week I get some users writing "@q2apro: how do you do this..."

Unfortunately I miss a lot of those mentionings as q2a has not such a notify system integrated.

Now I have set up a filter plugin that checks for mentionings of the admin name.

However, I could extend this plugin so that it checks for any mentioning and informs the user by email, all automatically.

Who is interested in this plugin? Please comment and vote +1 if you are.


Just see now that somebody created something similiar, but the download link for the plugin is dead, check http://question2answer.org/qa/8271/updated-mention-notifier-improved-updated-dowload-redownload
@Ankhamax: In q2a v.1.8 the on-site-notifications will be implemented. We should Scott let know that he adds this notification type also into the event list. Great idea!
I hope @Scott will see this and implement it in the v.1.8 on-site-notification as it is very important feature to have. Anyway @q2apro.com, thanks for the update. It would be great to know the release date of q2a v.1.8 (final version) as well.
@arjunsuresh, thanks for the recommendation. Do I need to install both plugins in order to activate on-site-notification of the mention notifier. You see, users of my site already receives email notification when their @username is mentioned. I just need to implement mention notifier in the on-site-notification.
@Ankhamax Then you can just use the notification plugin, it should work.

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Yes i am and i think i already voted similar question