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i want to make when a new users registering a acount, they must accept the user agreement in registering form.

Do you add this section in 1.6.2 ?
OR add link to the privacy policy and terms of service, ask user to check box while registering. It will be good feature.
I solved this with Jquery when I started using q2a. But true, that should be included in core!

+1 for the request :)

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My solution =

1. Core hack: Extra Userfield:
2. Filter plugin ( filter_profile() ):

Q2A feature that is short as Q&A framework will be No.1.

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Thx sama55. its the way another.. but i want it in core :) maybe at 1.6.2 this included :)
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I'm expecting it, too, but I just showed solution in current Q2A. I sad that there seems to be person who can't understand. Thoughts of user and system engineer are different. When Gideon realized the feature that I asked for before, he made splendid program to exceed my expectation.
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Yes i can understand you. You have solution for question. Maybe its not coming another version, i will make it. But for all user its must be come..