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This is a follow up question of the discussion here


where it is stated the the priviledge to close (and reopen?) questions can be set for all registered users dependent on the points for example. This is good.

What I'd like to know now is this: is closing and reopening unilateral un Q2A, such that it needs only one user (admin / mod / high rep) to close / reopen a question immediately? Or is there a way to preset the number of close / reopen votes (say 5) by "normal" high rep users needed, before the action kicks in, as it is for example the case on Stack Exchange sites?


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At the moment it's unilateral, but sounds like a good idea for a plugin!
Thanks, it would be great if administrators could preset a flexible number of reopen / close votes of regular high rep users it needs to take action. On Stack Exchange for example it is 5.
I agree with this idea too, it is helpful for people who really want something that looks  like  Stack Exchange, and with all the features.
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Is there the concept of suggesting edits?