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In my site a lot of users ask repeated questions and we close their questions and redirect to the original one. But an issue here is that the user who asked the new question is not getting any notification. Is it some miss configuration at my side (many of my plugins are old due to incompatibility) or is it a missing feature?
Q2A version: 1.7

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What kind of notification do you mean? When you ask a question, it shows related questions under the title box - "Before proceeding, please check your question was not asked already:" That includes closed questions.

To turn that option on tick "Check for similar questions when asking" in Admin > Posting.
Yes, that is turned on. But the issue is that in my site question title is used for "question info" only and the whole question text goes to Question description. So, the related questions do not show up to the asker- which is fine.

The notice is just an information telling the asker that his question is now merged with an old one and making him subscribe to updates on the same.