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It appears this question has been asked several times, but no one in the commuity has responded.

So, just wondering....  Does anyone know how to allow users to login and/or register using their LinkedIN credentials?


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You can use this plugin :


it has Linkedln authentication option

However here you are my settings :

- OAuth 1.0 Accept Redirect URL = http://www.website.com/?hauth.done=LinkedIn

- OAuth 1.0 Cancel Redirect URL = http://www.website.com

- Agreement Language: Browser local settings

- default scope : r_basicprofile (checked) + r_emailaddress (checked)

- Website URL = http://www.website.com

Just replace www.website.com with www.cashoverflow.org

Let me know.
I have added the values correctly while creating the linkedIn app. But when i check the box to show linkedIn login along with google login on the home page, the LinkedIn one doesn't appear. Please help me on that.
site : www.cashoverflow.org
which version are you using of the plugin ? see it in the admin/plugin/"open login" panel.
I have the 2.0.3 installed, a dev version, I think you have the 2.0.2.
But I do not think this is the problem.
I do not either see the code of the button appear in your web page....
Are you sure you have checked the "Enable LinkedIn" option ?
If you exec this query on your database :

SELECT * FROM `qa_options` where title like '%linkedin_app%' or title like '%open_login%'

what's the result ?
How to execute the query u just mentioned? And yes, i have checked the "Enable LinkedIn" option and also create the LinkedIn app, but it does't work