Welcome to the Question2Answer Q&A. There's also a demo if you just want to try it out.
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This theme will now work as a standalone theme for Q2A and matches the Wordpress theme Iconic One http://demo.themonic.com/io/


The theme is fully responsive and scores above average using GTmetrix.


Monty and Bex


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#edit: in google chrome there is no download but in firefox I see it btw thx for the theme
#edit2:Can you add user avatars to be displayed like in Snow theme?
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Find qa-theme.php

Backup this file in case you make a mistake editing.

One change needs to be made.

Around line 760 find

// remove avatar - personal preference

function post_avatar_meta($post, $class, $avatarprefix=null, $metaprefix=null, $metaseparator='<br/>')
$this->output('<span class="'.$class.'-avatar-meta">');
//$this->post_avatar($post, $class, $avatarprefix);
$this->post_meta($post, $class, $metaprefix, $metaseparator);

Remove // from  //$this->post_avatar($post, $class, $avatarprefix);

Save qa-theme.php

This was a personal preference for us to remove avatars - so we have not tested how they will appear when this change has been made.

Best of luck.
Thanks works perfectly
Congratulations! Wonderful light weight theme.. keep it up

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Thanks Monty&bex , great theme