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I like that you have the abilitiy to be emailed if a question or answer is commented on...  I'm wondering if there is a way to disable this feature per question or somehow click a "stop following" button so a user no longer receives email updates on individual questions?

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You could enter in the system, go to the question, hit edit, delete the cross before the email me at this email adress field and it should be done.
Good find...  I guess at the bottom/footer of the email that was sent if there was a link that said "Stop following this question" it would be a nice-to-have.
Regarding the emails I (personally) recommend to change the email text. This is easily done in the email language files. Why ? If a user receives the answer in the email he has no need to return to the website.

If a link to turn off the following messages would be added, I as well would send the user back to the site, at least to login properly.

Another idea of an experienced member here was to collect all info and send it once a day, this I as well like very much.
Personally I would prefer an on-site notification system like Stack Overflow, where you can see all your recent responses, instead of receiving a ton of emails.

And +1 to newguy's suggestion. We need an "unsubscribe" link in the email, plus a simpler way on the site itself.
Would You think that this should be on a new page or on the user page visible for account owner only ? I wonder how the new extra page feature will work.
I like your idea about changing the email text, by having a link in place of the actual response it should increase hits to the site.  As for the "unsubscribe link", it can take you to a page that allows you to confirm you no longer want to be notified of q&a about "questions x" - This shouldn't be too difficult to code, once the new plug-in system is running we can play around with it.