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Back in early 2012 I really loved the badges plugin and it worked so well! Now it seems to work in the background but I cannot (a) get the widget to show up anywhere, and (b) don't see a way to have the page with all the badges listed appear. I'm also noticing not one of the sites in the showcase appears to use the badges plugin. Hoping that it's still compatible and that I must be missing something.
Q2A version: 1.62

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I don't know a lot about this plugin. But, inspected it a little.

(a) : It seems to work definitely in my test environment. I suggest that you confirm collision with override layer functions of other third party theme and third party plugin.

(b) : This seems to be caused by the fact that plugin does not support Q2A core changes. This hack may not be complete, but will surely work by change below. The lower cord is one example. There is the method to revise regular expression.

qa-badge-layer.php (L190) post_meta_who()

// replace [start]
//$handle = preg_replace('|.+qa-user-link" title="@([^"]+)".+|','$1',$post['who']['data']);
$handle = @$post['raw']['handle'];
if(isset($post['raw']['opostid'])) $handle = $post['raw']['ohandle'];
if(isset($post['raw']['messageid'])) $handle = $post['raw']['fromhandle'];
// replace [end]
See this thread, too.
Other than upper bug, plugin seems to work well.